Haaaaaaaard mode !

Hey people ! We have something for you !

The Haaaaaard mode, as the title suggest it. Why all the extra a ? Because it’s harder than hard !

Ah ! It sounds painful ! Here’s a trailer of what to expect :

Except dying, here’s the details of the haaaaaard mode:

  • No regeneration between bosses.
  • When you die, you play another character. 8 characters, 8 lives. So that makes you almost a cat.
  • Boss have new and improved - more lethal - patterns.
  • No story.

Oh, and there’s a few bugfixes that probably no one has ever had. But that’s secondary.

Play the game here : https://lucas-delvallet.itch.io/eburnean

We hope that you will like this update ! And we wish you a happy new year ! Is our gift for the year to come !

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