Welcome the new Blah Blah Blah update

Yeah, new things in the game !

Before, Eburnean had a silly story. Now, it has 8 silly stories ! Because each of the 8 characters has now his own weird personality with new interactions with each of the bosses !

Here's the characters and a very small description of them :

- Eburnean : The classic, it's the same as before. It's still funny. Eh.
- Azure : He's bold. He's mean. He's Azure !
- Mantis : He keep saying his name. I don't know why.
- Crimson : He's a vampire. And he's thirsty. (For blood. Of course.)
- Gold : A gold character that is rich. How original is that ?!
- Heliotrope : He don't talk, but his story his narrated by me ! An omniscient narrator !
- Tawny : He's like all heroes you can see on TV. He only want to fight and kick everybody asses !
- Bolt : Friends. He like friends. He'll do everything for a new friend.

So if you want to discover all their stories, you'll have to beat the game with every character ! Now you have a reason to play more !

Oh, others things too

We have improved the menus, corrected some bugs that you probably never heard of, and balanced the game a little.

Here's a raw gameplay video that showcase the new main menu at the beginning, the new game over screen at the end and some story plus gameplay at the middle :

And, please, enjoy !


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Oct 27, 2017

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