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The goal of Rebel Snake is to go to the exit, but as the smallest snake possible. You start big, and want to shrink in order to achieve that. There's several element that will help you, or not, in this quest.

This game has been made for the GMTK Jam 2018. The theme was "GENRE, but you can’t MECHANIC.". I followed this theme, by reimagining the classic game, Snake, but can't win by growing. So you have to shrink, in order to win.

You can move using the arrow keys, and restart with the 'R' key. You can exit the game by pressing the 'Escape" key. There's a total of 5 levels, these levels are not perfect, but are here to show the potential of the mechanism. I hope you'll enjoy them ;)


Post jam version :

Hey everyone, I have a post jam version for you. It's not much, but you can hide the interface with the "i" key. And the controls have been refined, so it will be easier to move around, cheers ;)


Rebel Snake 4 MB
Rebel Snake - Post Jam 4 MB

Install instructions

You have to unzip the game before launching the .exe file. Enjoy :)

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