Post Jam Version : 1D : Puzzle On The Line

Hello everyone !

New post jam version

I have worked on an update to the game. I made some changes to make the game more understandable.

  • Now, the player is indicated by an arrow and do not hide the origin cell.
  • The value you add to others cells is indiquated
  • You can display colors values with the V button
  • A little phrase per level explain the game gradually
  • Transitions between levels have been changed
  • Now, there's no need to drag and drop the player. Only the click is require to validate the movement
  • You can change the screen size
  • There's a new ending :)
  • I've changed the cryptic name. Now it's called 1D POTL. POTL stand for Puzzle On The Line :)

Here's what it look like now :

Enjoy !


1D POTL (5 MB)
91 days ago


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