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The post-jam version does some great improvements! I actually understood this time, and I had no more issues with colors! Well done.

Hey, thanks a lot ! I'm glad my improvements are worth it !

I really love the use of screenshake as you exit out

Hey, i think it's because of the name but i can't open it because it's "potentially dangerous"

It's probably because my game isn't on Microsoft white list. So, to be sure and because only a few people have downloaded the game, Microsoft is "protecting" your computer by preventing the game to launch.

You can still launch the game by clicking "More Info" then check the "I understand the risk and want to run this app" and finally click "Run Anymay" button.

Sorry for the inconvenience (^_^;)

ohhh i just had to extract it XD Maybe you should include that for dummies like me.

Oh, okay. I added a line about the extraction.